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Drive-Thru Vaccination Clinics

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    I'm hearing that some states are going to set up drive-thru vaccination clinics. They've done it with testing. I don't see why this wouldn't work with vaccinations. I think every state should have this because it would increase the overall impact dramatically. So how about we keep this thread going on any news we might hear. One thing I have heard is that the wait time may slow things down because recipients of the vaccine will have to wait 15 to 30 minutes after receiving the vaccine to make sure they don't have any serious side effects(which they say will be rare). The CDC's site has a small database of every state's health department for those who want to see what their state is doing.
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    I agree, sounds like a good idea. Keeps people distanced throughout the process better. Wait times and coordination would be an issue, but as a supplemental option, why not. I'd probably rather do drive thru myself, seems more convenient to hang out in my car for 30 minutes then hanging around in a CVS.
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    It's a great idea, especially in sparsely populated areas, but we also need to think on a more grand scale. Any college town with a football stadium should set up shop on the field. Any professional football field and arena should set up shop. State fair grounds in all 50 states should set up shop.

    In my opinion, drive-thru vaccination sites should really only be used in areas that don't have the infrastructure to give mass vaccinations.

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    These are starting to pop up all over the country now. Just noticed there are several in the Dallas area near me. I have been waiting to register and was thinking I would just go to a CVS but like the idea of a drive thru clinic the most. They even have studies suggesting its the best route.

    Anyone gotten a shot via drive thru clinic yet? What was your experience?