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Biden Approves $230 Million For At-Home Test Kits

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    The Biden administration has just approved $230 million for the Department of Defense and the Department of Health and Human Services to begin scaling up the production of at-home test kits. This money will be specifically used for the company Ellume's at-home tests. These tests were approved by the FDA all the way back in December. This makes me super curious why they're just now getting the funding to push it forward. Then again, this was found under the last administration. I'd say I'm surprised, but these things just don't surprise me anymore.

    Ellume's at-home test kit can (will be able to) be bought over the counter and the results will be sent right to your phone via bluetooth. Being that they are already in production and sold elsewhere (at least from myself), the test kit already has a known price tag of only $30 bucks. I'd absolutely pay that over the other experiences I've had.

    I'm really hoping that scaling this up will begin the push for these to be available on a much, much larger scale in the coming months. This is exactly what we need.

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    Agreed. I just worry it will cause panic amongst people who test positive even though showing no results. But yes, I think this is a good step forward. Finally our tax dollars at work.
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    This is great news. One of the best ways for us to begin to get back to some sense of normalcy, outside of vaccines, is a widespread testing program that can quickly detect and isolate anyone who is sick. At-home test kits are the best way to go in that department.