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3rd stimulus check to greatly expand definition of "dependent"

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    Parents with dependents who didn't qualify for the additional money in the first two stimulus checks will certainly be happy about this one: ALL dependent children, including 17 year old's, adult dependent children in college, and any adult dependent who is claimed by a taxpayer would qualify for an additional $1,400 per dependent if the bill as it is written now is passed into law.

    I want to caution that anything can change as negotiations progress, but it appears House and Senate Democrats are on the same page here and, since Republicans won't be required to help pass this, they appear to have the votes to get this through the finish line.

    This is wonderful, but I can't believe this is only happening now. Why in the world we left parents of 17 year old's, parents helping put their young adult children through college, and parents who are taking care of an adult dependent out of the first two rounds of checks is baffling to me, but thankfully they will be included this time around.

    As I cautioned earlier, don't start spending the money now, but things are looking good for a 3rd stimulus check to get across the finish line in the coming days and weeks.

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    This is good news and never made sense to me why they didn't do this in the first round. Hopefully it says in the final bill because a dependent is still a dependent, regardless of age.
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    I can't agree more. While I was in college, I was a dependent into my early 20's. But I was very lucky that my dad had a lucrative occupation. I can't imagine what it would be like for families who are strapped for money, especially if they're putting more than one kid through college.
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    Did we hear anymore on this? Did it this part of the bill make it through?